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This site will review the different meditation programs that are available on the web. I’ll be taking a look at everything from the high-end Centerpointe Holosync through to it’s cheaper and just as effective competitors such as the Meditation Program as well as the different types of meditation methods.

I’ll also look at meditation aids such as meditation benches, cushions, etc.

If you’re itching to get started, the program I use almost daily is called the Meditation Program, which offers good support and a fast route to meditating.

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Manifestation Meditation

The Manifestation Meditation system is designed to help you use the Law of Attraction whilst meditating.

It does this by using brainwave entrainment, a system similar to Binaural Beats but, according to this company, more powerful. This claim is supported by a screenshot of an EEG taken whilst the subject was litening to the manifestation meditation.

The program is designed to be used over a period of at least a year. During that time, a new meditation is released each month, each one building on the previous month.

The meditations are supplied in MP3 format for you to download. This is fine if you’re on broadband but is likely to take a long time on dialup since the meditations are between 28Mb and 56Mb in size. There is no option to receive them on CD – it’s download or nothing.

Unlike most binaural beats meditations that I’ve come acroos, these manifestation meditations are supplied in two different versions. One is designed for use with stereo headphones and the other can be played through your speakers. The meditations consist of the brainwave entrainment noise (a bit like a flickering sound) and calming music.

My normal practice is to just listen to a binaural beats meditation once a day, usually before I go to sleep for the evening. However, I’ve used the non-headphone versions of the meditations in this program as background music whilst I’m working at my computer.

Most of the meditations last 30 minutes.

The first batch of downloads includes:

  • Alpha wave meditation, recommended for weekdays
  • Theta wave meditation, more relaxing and recommended for weekends
  • Intense focus audio, recommended when you need above average focus
  • 21 “success” books in PDF format including Acres of Diamonds, Think & Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich & As A Man Thinketh amongst others.

If you’ve been hesitant about using brainwave entrainment meditation, the manifestation program is offered with a $1 trial that lasts for 10 days. All the above tracks and books are included in the trial, so you have got plenty of time to test them out and see whether they are right for you.

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