Our Ultimate Reality


Our Ultimate Reality, subtitled Life, The Universe and Destiny of Mankind is a book by Adrian Cooper.

It offers his interpretation of the eternal “why are we here?” question along with insights into how you can live your life to its full potential.

handThe book explores our immortal Spiritual nature. It talks about why energy and vibration are important for our mind, which gives more background to the ideas explored in the movie “The Secret”. Mr Cooper also talks about his views of the afterlife, whether or not we are reincarnated (and, if so, as what) and how karma affects our lives.

The book claims to be able to help you to attract abundance into your life as well as exploring ways to not only maintain your health but to assist your body to heal itself from any illness.

There are also sections on astral projection and out of body experiences, together with suggestions for the best methods to induce these states.

The book explores different religions including Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism and gives the author’s definition of God. This later leads on to methods of how you can contact your own Higher Self.

For those who prefer a more scientific approach, there is a discussion of Quantum Physics – the cutting edge area of modern science.

Later in the book, the chapter on meditation explores the values and benefits associated with this technique.

There is also a chapter on the Law of Attraction and how you can go about including it in your daily life.

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