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Zero Limits Maui Meditation

The Zero Limits Maui Meditation is a meditation recorded live in Maui, Hawaii by Dr Joe Vitale.

It was recorded live at the end of a Zero Limits seminar in December 2007. “Zero Limits” is one of Joe Vitale’s many books – this one looks at a Hawaiian system to generate wealth, health and peace.

If you’re used to regular guided meditations, with music backgrounds, this one is different. It is just Joe Vitale talking you through the meditation visualization.

There’s a short introduction, then you are asked to visualize a whiteboard. You’re then talked through the process of using this whiteboard to merge with the “Divine” (however you personally define that) and send your requests to the universe through it.

If you’ve bought the Zero Limits book, which discusses the Hawaiian method of healing called “Ho’oponopono”, this meditation would be a useful accompaniment to it.

The Zero Limits meditation doesn’t need you to have bought the book – it stands on its own as a simple meditation, lasting a lot less than the 23 minutes advertised (that’s the whole meditation plus some talk at the end), so it’s easy to listen to regularly.

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"What an AMAZING group of people! What an amazing meditation Joe..."
Aymee and Emma

"Get clear and change your reality"
EFT-QT website

Good quality "speech only" guided meditation.

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Joe Vitale is a copywriting and marketing consultant who produces many books and other items related to meditation, spirituality and the Law of Attraction.

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Price: $9.95
Return Policy: 60 days refund guarantee
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