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The Meditation Challenge

The Meditation Challenge is a 21 day course that challenges you to develop your own meditation habit.

The challenge can be done on your own, with the aid of a set of instructions available for download in the form of a 17 page pamphlet and a one hour MP3 audio,

Alternatively, the Meditation Challenge organizes live 21 day sessions. Currently these appear to be limited to North America although the company is asking for facilitators to volunteer.

There is also a free weekly meditation scheduled for most Monday at various times. These meditations last for 15 minutes and are free apart from the cost of the telephone call.

The company offer a Don’t Wait-Meditateâ„¢ pledge which is free to join. The aim of this is to use all the “waiting time” to meditate. Whether you’re waiting in line, listening to hold music on the phone or anything else that involves waiting you are encouraged to meditate and given ways to accomplish this.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"I can more easily let go of struggles with myself and just be, and be fully present for others, and able to act, knowing what to do..."
Nancy, California

"During the meditation challenge I got to take the mindfullness and peace into my daily life. When I converted my waiting time into meditating time it not only affected me but everyone else around me..."
Heidi, North Carolina

The program encourages you to develop a regular meditation routine and gives you many free tools to enable you to do this. Good support.

Product Details
Company Info:

Peaceful Earth are located in Beaverton, OR.

Product Specifications:

Free Don't Wait-Meditateâ„¢ course.

Learn at home course with an electronic pamphlet and a one hour audio.

Free meditation calls most Mondays.

Live 21 meditation challenge if this is supported in your area.

Price: $19 for the learn at home course; live course varies by location
Return Policy: None stated
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