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Secrets of Meditation

Secrets of Meditation is an audio that comes as either 4 CDs or as a download.

CD1 is an introduction to meditation generally. If you’ve never meditated before, it’s a good overview of the process of meditation and the reasons that meditating is beneficial to your health and general well being. It also discusses various different meditation techniques.

CD2 continues by talking about energy levels and why these change from day to day or even from minute to minute. Since energy levels can be affected by diet, the CD also talks about this aspect and how your diet affects your energy levels.

CD3 has several guided meditations. These are all based around breathing meditation – Secrets of Meditation focuses on this form of meditation as it is one of the easiest to perform.

CD4 is a bonus CD of relaxing music which you can play even if you aren’t intending to meditate.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"It's ideal for anyone with an interest in meditation, self-growth and personal development as well as anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or depression..."
Amanda Goldston

"When we can learn to calm our minds and separate ourselves from our problems, we are on the road to significant improvement..."
Review on Squidoo

"The Happy Guy highly recommends this program for anybody interested in learning meditation "how to" techniques..."
David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy

Secrets of Meditation provides a good grounding for your exploration of meditation. Matt Clarkson's email support and regular contact help keep you on target with your regular meditation.

Product Details
Company Info:

Secrets of Meditation is produced by the Mind Body Training Company, a UK based company founded by Matt Clarkson in 2003.

The company specializes in producing self help programs that integrate meditation with other methods to produce practical programs.

Product Specifications:

Secrets of Meditation is supplied either as a 4 CD set or as a set of file downloads.

The product is supplied with a number of bonus files including meditation scripts and a meditation journal. The company also offer email support for purchasers.

Price: $39 (download version), $49 (CD)
Return Policy: 3 months money back guarantee
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