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Power of Breathing

The Power of Breathing is an audio program designed to give you health benefits by improving the way you breathe.

By definition, we all breathe. But there are probably times when you’re not breathing optimally. If you’re ever short of breath or find yourself taking shallow breaths, this program could be of use to you.

Because we’re not actually used to breathing properly, the program takes a relaxed approach to helping you breathe better. I know that the first time I tried breathing exercises, I was surprised at how out of breath I was at the start. But I was also pleasantly surprised at the results – after a short session, I felt more energized than I had done for months.

The Power of Breathing starts gently: the introductory session lasts just 8 minutes. Once you get used to this level, you can progress to the intermediate level which runs for 10 minutes and finally the third level, which takes 15 minutes. This is much the same as the way that the binaural beats meditation program works, allowing your body to become adjusted to each level before you move on to the next one.

Breathing meditation is one of the best introductions to meditation. It’s completely natural and can be practised even if you’re time short. It also has the benefit of not needing any extra equipment beyond your MP3 player.

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Actual Customer Feedback:
"You'll instantly enjoy a feeling of calmness and total mental clarity, and many of the deeper benefits will be realized within just a couple of weeks."
Mindware Forum

Power of Breathing is a good introduction to breathwork and takes you through the process of better breathing easily and naturally.
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Company Info: Power of Breathing is created by the personal development company WCCL
Product Specifications: Power of Breathing is supplied on CD.
Price: $37
Return Policy: 30 day money back guarantee
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