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Music Me Free Meditation Music

Music Me Free produces a range of meditation music that is enhanced with binaural beats to help your brain to reach the “right” frequencies for easy meditation.

The tracks available are:

  • Mind Release – 6 hours of audio tracks designed to free your body and mind.
  • Energy & Focus – 5 hours of audio tracks with binaural beats to help your mind to concentrate and boost your energy levels.
  • Meditation and Inner Peace – 8 hours of specific meditation tracks with binaural beats in the theta and delta ranges.
  • Nature Contemplation – 11 hours of natural sounds plus a screensaver slide show with an ambient music background. Designed to play as background sound to help you relax.

The music is provided as MP3 files, making this an environmentally friendly way to buy meditation music as there is no packaging or postage. Unless you actually burn the tracks to CD (which you are allowed to do for your own use) then there is very little environmental impact from these tracks.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"I found the beach nature sounds to be very relaxing but I couldn't play the thunderstorm track without my dog freaking out..."
Kieran Quinton, UK

Reasonably priced, professionally produced meditation music that does what is promised.
Product Details
Company Info:

Music Me Free is owned by Ed Crivello and aims to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Product Specifications:

Each Music Me Free music pack is supplied in a zip file for instant download. The company also offer a CD ordering option for those with slow internet connections.

Samples available on the website so you can try before you buy.

Price: $39.95 per pack
Return Policy: 60 days refund guarantee
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