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The Meditation Program is designed to compete with Centerpointe’s Holosync and the Monroe Institute. It claims that you can meditate deeper than a Zen monk with just 5 minutes of practice.

The program is available as a set of downloads or on CD.

There are 8 levels, each progressively deeper than the previous one, using binaural beats as the main way to achieve the desired brain patterns. The program recommends that you listen to each level for at least one week before moving down to the next level.

Unlike Centerpointe’s system (which uses a background track of rainfall interspersed with chimes), the Meditation Program uses a different musical background for each level. They claim that this is less boring than listening to the sound of rain falling.

The program comes with an online support guide and also offers assistance through a web based system if you need further support.

If you wanted, you could also just use any of the tracks as meditation music.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"it beats the usual Holosync and Monroe Institute offerings. It's more powerful -- and way cheaper..."
From a review on Karl Blog

"I really can feel my mind literally expanding. What used to be problematic for me, I now take in my stride. The shift is amazing."
Bill Mitchell, Canada

I personally changed from Centerpointe's Holosync system to the Meditation Program and listen to the audio most days. It takes you as deep as Centerpointe in a fraction of the time.
Product Details
Company Info: The Meditation Program is produced by WCCL Network which produces a number of different self help tools.
Product Specifications:

The Meditation Program is available as a set of downloads or can be purchased on CD.

The download purchase is only recommended if you have a fast broadband connection as the 8 files total almost a gigabyte in size.

Price: $85 (download), $125 (CDs)
Return Policy: One year money back guarantee
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