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Deep Zen Meditation

Deep Zen Meditation is a binaural beats meditation.

The theory behind this is the same as with programs such as Brain Evolution System, Centerpointe Holosync and the Meditation Program (all reviewed elsewhere on this site).

The binaural beats work best when listened to with stereo headphones as this keeps the two tones discrete – one for each of your ears – and forces your brain to try to resolve the difference between the two tones, putting it into a state of deep relaxation.

Because the tones aren’t too pleasant to listen to on their own, Deep Zen Meditation masks them with a mixture of rainfall and chimes and the occasional bell. The chimes are noisier than those in Holosync but the rainfall isn’t as heavy as the rain in Brain Evolution System.

Whether you get on with this particular program will be down to how well you get on with the backing track. Personally, I didn’t find it relaxaing but other people I’ve played the system to have liked it. So it really is down to your personal preference. And if you don’t like rainfall backing your meditation listening then the Meditation Program should be your choice.

The sessions are designed to be listened to for between 20 and 60 minutes a day.

Production quality is good and, so long as you’re happy with the backing sounds, the binaural beats work as promised, sending you quickly into a deep meditative state.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:
"Meditating for just 20 minutes a day for five days helped to increase energy and decrease anxiety and stress, as measured by levels of stress hormones ..."
USA Today

"HoloThink has done their homework in coming up with these 60 minute meditation audio tracks."
Review on Squidoo

Product Details
Company Info: Deep Zen Meditation is produced by Holothink.
Product Specifications: MP3 download only.
Price: $77
Return Policy: 56 days refund guarantee
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