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Deep Meditation Program

The mind training Deep Meditation program has been developed by a clinical hypnotist called Craig Townsend.

Originally, the program was produced for his own personal use and kept that way for 5 years until people who had noticed that Craig had changed for the better by listening to the deep meditation program persuaded him to market the meditation.

The deep meditation program is available as a physical CD or as a download (including an extra track not available on the CD).

There are two main tracks: an introductory track, which explains the process and what you can expect to experience, and the main deep meditation track itself. The main site has a 30 second sample of this track, so you will get a brief idea of whether it is likely to be to your taste. The primary deep meditation tracks lasts for slightly less than 40 minutes but there is also two bonus tracks that play for 14 minutes and 22 minutes each, which means you can use one of these tracks on days when you can’t fit in the time needed for the whole of the main track. These two tracks don’t take you quite as deep but are preferable to missing your meditation time completely.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"An enormously powerful and transformational relaxation program..."

Powerful meditation that takes you quickly down into a deep meditative state. The option of shorter tracks for those days where you want to meditate but can't find much time is an excellent idea.

Product Details
Company Info:

Craig Townsend is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been involved in the personal development arena for more than two decades.

Product Specifications:

The product is available for instant download, allowing you to transfer the MP3 files to your iPod, MP3 player or burn them to CD.

The CD version is shipped to you but does not include the 14 minute deep meditation track.

Price: $79.95 download, $89.95 CD
Return Policy: 12 month money back guarantee
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