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Core Energy Meditation

Core Energy Meditation (also known as Raise Your Vibration) is a set of 2 pre-recorded guided meditations plus two other CDs that explain the techniques used.

There is also a booklet that contains a transcript of the two explanation CDs.

Additionally there is a daily practice log sheet that allows you to keep track of your meditation progress.

The first guided meditation lasts 20 minutes, making it easy to fit into your schedule on a regular basis. Kevin Schoeninger, the creator of these meditations, says that you should start by using this short meditation and, if your schedule allows, progress to the second guided meditation (which lasts 40 minutes) if you want to speed up your progress.

One of the main benefits of the Core Energy Meditation program is that you only need to set aside twenty minutes most days to get the beneficial effect. This makes it one of the most time-saving meditation techniques we’ve reviewed.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:
"And after doing your meditation I know for sure that I have moved on I feel fantastic Thank you so much !! I don’t ever remember feeling this good. I will keep on practicing if I feel this good after only listening to it once I can imagine how I am going to feel in a few months time Thank you!"

"I HIGHLY recommend you get this program. It really can change your life when you do a little every day. This is something you can continue practicing and benefiting from for the rest of your life." review

Product Details
Company Info: The Core Energy Meditation program is produced by the Mind Body Training Company a UK based company founded by Matt Clarkson in 2003. The company specializes in producing self help programs that integrate meditation with other methods to produce practical programs.
Product Specifications: 3 CDs + transcript of first 2 CDs + daily practice log. Available as instant download or actual CDs.
Price: Download only: $47; Download + CDs: $67
Return Policy: 90 day money back guarantee
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