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Brain Evolution System

The Brain Evolution System is a set of 6 binaural beats meditation CDs.

The system is designed for you to listen to each CD once a day for a month, so it will take you 6 months to complete the entire program.

The binaural beats are disguised by the sound of rainfall (one of the CDs sounds more like a distant storm). Which means that if you have suffered from the problem of falling asleep whilst listening to similar CDs, this is unlikely to be a problem with this system. The noise of the rain will almost certainly keep you awake.

The other main benefit of this system is that each CD is only around 30 minutes in length. So if you are pressured for time and have found yourself unable to listen for an hour a day with systems such as the Meditation Program and Centerpointe, this is definitely worth considering.

The pack of 6 CDs also comes with a jar of Acuity “brain food supplement”. This is a mixture of supplements that have been shown to help improve your brain’s power.

The company have also listed lots of research about why their system actually works, so if you want to delve inside these reasons, you can examine this at the Brain Evolution research site.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

" genuinely delivered an impressive set of results - all exactly as promised. It helped sharpen my mind, reduce my stress levels, and increase my energy."
Squidoo review

"...what sets BrainEv apart from competitors is its "3 Point Dynamic Entrainment" audio process. This means BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time, stopping the brain getting too accustomed to one particular pattern, and more closely matching how brainwaves really work..."
Trans4Mind review

The Brain Evolution System is a quick and easy method for training your brain. It only takes 30 minutes a day, which is half the time of its major competitors.

Product Details
Company Info:

Inspire 3 produce the Brain Evolution System. Their home page shows the research behind the product.

Product Specifications:

6 x 30 minute CDs, designed to progressively improve your brain power:

  1. Transcendence level takes you into theta level state
  2. Lucid Echoes level goes deeper into theta level
  3. Infinity level combines beta brainwaves with overlays of alpha, theta and delta
  4. Crystal Rain level goes a stage deeper than Infinity
  5. Neptune's Cave level takes you into a deep delta state
  6. Fusion level is the deepest state in the program

Acuity brain food supplement

Price: $297 (three monthly payments of $99), free 21 day trial of level one
Return Policy: 7 months refund guarantee
Official Brain Evolution System Homepage

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