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Binaural Beats Meditations

Binaural beats meditations are a simple way to meditate.

Binaural beats operate by playing two different tones, one into each ear. The tones are very slightly different, which causes your brain to attempt to reconcile the difference. In doing so, your brain is placed into a pre-determined level of activity.

Because our brains operate in quite similar ways, it’s a relatively simple process to find out which range of frequencies (or beats) will place our mind into a creative state, a deep meditative state, etc.

This range of binaural beats meditations covers:

World’s First Digital Drug – which claims to give your brain the same kind of “rush” produced by drugs or adrenalin-feeding activities.

Ultra-deep meditation – this CD drops you into a deep meditative state but also swaps the frequencies being played between your ears at regular intervals. If you’ve ever used a binaural beats meditation before and fallen asleep, this “trick” prevents that by keeping your brain alert for the whole meditation session.

Razor sharp focus – this binaural beats meditation is designed to help you focus. Whether that’s for last minute exam revision, a project at work or anything else that requires your full attention.

Headache release – this CD has two tracks, a short 15 minute track that provides quick relief from headaches and a longer 46 minute track for those extra-stubborn headaches. Quick headache relief without drugs.

Einstein’s Mind – a CD designed to boost your IQ. Whether you will reach the genius level of Einstein is open to question but the binaural beats are designed to reduce your mind clutter and help you to think more clearly.

Power Siesta – there are two 30 minute tracks each of which is designed to replace up to 3 hours of lost sleep. Ideal for the “morning after”, shift workers or to help combat jet lag.

Total Relaxation – the binaural beats on this CD will place you into a deep state of relaxation. I found this an easy way to help me unwind and de-stress.

Chakra Balancing – this CD aims to balance all 7 of your chakras, which affect your overall balance and well-being.

The Inventor – the binaural beats on this CD are designed to boost your creativity. Ideal for those “stuck” moments.

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"...when I meditate with binaural beats I am able to go "deeper" in my meditation much faster..."
Healing Beats website

"While your conscious efforts will help you on your path to self growth, changing your brainwave state for the better will catapult you to where you want to be."
Steven Aitchison

Top quality binaural beats CDs, manufactured to high quality standards.

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The Binaural Beats Meditations are produced by which produces a number of different self help tools.

Product Specifications:

Each binaural beats meditation is supplied on CD.

Price: $29.95 each, discount for bulk purchases
Return Policy: 30 day money back guarantee on individual purchases
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